Zoom In Reach Out Photography Education

Zoom In Reach Out Programs

From individual students up to the district level, there are a number of Zoom In Reach Out programs that range from self-paced learning up to organized in-person events.

We aspire to:

  • Teach Creative thinking, self expression, and technical camera skills
  • Foster an appreciation for photography as an art form, storytelling medium, and vehicle for personal growth
  • Cultivate an awareness of our senses, imagination, and surrounding environment
  • Develop compassion and connection
  • Garner a better appreciation of the world around us locally and afar
  • Promote Social Emotional Learning
  • Our curriculum touches on several areas of a STEAM education including Science, Technology and the Arts

Zoom In Reach Out for Individuals and Home School

For Students of All Ages (and adults too!)

Learn photography from anywhere with a camera and a deck of Zoom In Reach Out Photo Cards.

This self-paced curriculum is suitable for beginners and all skill levels. Simply shuffle the cards, select one, and follow the instructions.

On every card you will find a QR code which links to a gallery of images on the Aminus3 Photography Community for that lesson as well as more information about the technique. Scan it with your phone to connect to the website.

For example, in this gallery you can learn more about the Rule of Thirds.

QR Code to Rule of Thirds Gallery

For Home School Students

Zoom In Reach Out Photo Cards provide an excellent project based curriculum for home school students.

Contact us to choose from one of our packages which includes one on one learning with a mentor photographer who will work with students across two sessions to assess their skill level, select cards for assignments, and review their images.

Zoom In Reach Out Photo Walk Events

Fostering creative self-expression through the medium of photography, Zoom In Reach Out Photo Walks are a fun and educational half-day event.

Students will learn the fundamentals of photography with hands-on use of a professional camera and will benefit from the expertise of photography mentors who will join them for the day.

In addition to learning the basics of photography, Zoom In Reach Out Photo Walk events connect students with local culture in their community as they discover more about the place they live.


Photo Walk (Level 1)

A casual photo walk through a town, city, or cultural area. This slower paced experience is good for small groups with an emphasis on observing and spontaneity. Photo Cards can be used to provide ideas and objectives for each student.


Historic Guided Walk

A photo walk plus a guided tour with a historic and cultural focus. Students are engaged to learn more about their city / town with the help of a knowledgeable local tour guide to give context. In addition to the tour, photography techniques are taught and practiced along the way.


Photo Stations

Better suited for locations that have limited areas for photography or do not have many landmarks or sights to experience. Instead we create photos using different photographic genres such as macro, portrait, long exposure or other techniques that can be practiced in all types of settings.

Students will rotate between several photography stations where a photographer mentor will guide them on each technique. This provides participants the opportunity to learn different techniques and decide on what resonates for them.


Photo Walk (Level 2, IndividUography)

For intermediate to advanced groups who have already done basic photography techniques, this photo walk emphasizes inner awareness and connecting with more abstract and conceptual concepts of photography. Participants will be provided with prompts to inspire images based on how they see, feel, and experience the world. Group discussion is an important aspect of this program which invites further exploration of these ideas.


The Agenda

All photo walk programs include:

  • Intro and instructions
  • 2-3 hours of photography
  • Catered lunch
  • 1 Hour roundtable with student presentations
    of their photos and experience

Zoom In Teach Out for School Districts

Nearly every aspect of a STEAM education can be viewed through the lens of Photography. Not only is the history of photography full of interesting anecdotes, but the art and science of photography has evolved into a modern technological marvel. Imagine all of the inventions and discoveries that have come together to create an image that can be shared with the world in an instant, all from a pocket sized device in the palm of our hands.

We have put together a comprehensive program for teachers and educators that covers a number of engaging topics and hands on projects which can be taught in the classroom.

Also included is an overview of art history as well as the use of the arts for personal growth, introspection, and therapy.

If you are interested in putting together a program for your school district, or for a professional development workshop, please Reach Out and let us know.